ftp-home NcFTPd domain.cf file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the domain.cf file.

Set ftp-home to the pathname of the anonymous FTP hierarchy.  Users logging in to this domain with the username "anonymous" will be rooted at this pathname.  The default value is the pathname of the home directory of the ftp account, which will be looked up by NcFTPd from your /etc/passwd file if you leave ftp-home commented-out.

As with all pathnames specified in the NcFTPd configuration files, do not use csh and ksh style tilde-notation to specify the directory -- i.e. do not use ftp-home=~ftp.

Even if you aren't using NcFTPd to provide anonymous FTP access, you do need to specify a valid directory for ftp-home, and you do need to have an ftp user on your system.


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