listen-backlog-size NcFTPd file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the file.

This option lets you configure how many queued connections NcFTPd requests from the system using the listen() function. Normally you would never need to worry about this, since NcFTPd should keep the queue at or very near zero all the time since it passes those connections to child servers as soon as possible.

This option can be useful if you expect a large number of connections to hit the server simulataneously, such as when a group of time-synchronized remote clients all make an update to the server.

Note that setting this option only controls what NcFTPd can ask for -- it does not control what the TCP/IP stack has been configured to handle. You may need to tune your kernel or TCP/IP stack in addition to configuring NcFTPd.

Since almost everyone will not need to worry about this special circumstance, it is recommended to not set this option and let NcFTPd use a suitable internal default.



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