ls-recycle-process-threshold NcFTPd file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the file.

This option can be used to have a ncftpd child process terminate if it uses too much memory for its ls cache.

Normally a process automatically limits itself to a reasonable amount of memory (configurable with ls-cache-size), but certain circumstances may cause this limit to be exceeded.

For example, when a directory containing a large number of items is listed, the single listing could exceed the entire limit by itself. Even if this large directory listing is subsequently deallocated, the process' memory footprint may remain large since the system library's memory allocator often does not bother trying to decrease the process size.

This option can be useful if you wish NcFTPd to be more frugal with memory usage, at the expense of occasionally restarting a child process. The value for the option corresponds to the number of bytes used for the ls cache, which when exceeded, will cause the process to terminate after the user logs off.



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