Example 1: Single-domain, anonymous and non-anonymous FTP
For this example, the fictional Nebraska Institute of Technology (NIT) wishes to provide anonymous FTP service so that some of the advanced students can submit their offerings to the public.  NIT will be using NcFTPd on cs.nit.edu, a machine that also serves a student login machine, and so they also want users on the machine to be able to FTP into their accounts.

Here is the domain.cf that NIT will be using:

This is a simple one domain setup.  They used "default" as the set-name, and the address of their ethernet interface as the server-address.  Because they are only using one domain set, the value they used for server-address isn't very important, since all FTP connections will automatically use this set as the default.  They did decide to set server-name to ftp.nit.edu, because they didn't want to use the hostname that corresponded with, cs.nit.edu.

NIT also is allowing both user access as well as anonymous FTP access, to the /home/ftp hierarchy, so they used "all-users" for the domain's server-type.  NIT is also using the regular /etc/passwd for user authentication because they have no need for virtual users or alternate password databases.

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